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Who We Are

I Net Global is a not-for-profit group, principally independent from government, which is organized on a local, national or international level to address issues of Consumer Empowerment.

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What We Do

I Net Global is developed effective and well established system concept on the strategies to end the gap between Manufacturer and consumer on the world known concept of " Direct to Consumer".

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Why we care

I Net Global recognizes the importance of Consumer Empowerment and provides a platform that allows you to save money in our concept and helps you to achieve you dreamed financial freedom.



1. Convenience to use online shopping concept
2. Discount provided through Membership package
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Our Principles

Club Asteria projects to end the cycle of poverty

The iNet Global Inc is created to provide a home a family environment and education for the most underprivileged children and poor by providing them with opportunities that will enhance their growth and development. Education is the path to creating real social and economic improvement in the lives of the children .


Key Initiatives

iNet Global Inc gives a portion of all funds to education improvement projects run by worthy organizations the world over. Through our global sharing initiatives, each Membership Subscription package contributes 2% to such Organizations works for children education. You also help indirectly to millions children all around the world to gain their education.

Our vision, values and goals

Club Asteria provides access to micro-loans and micro-credits

We believe that in a wealthy world, poverty is unjustifiable and preventable. We believe that the present state of inequality and injustice must be challenged, and that with the right help, poor people can change their lives for the better.Our work seeks one overall outcome: to bring about positive change in the lives of people living in poverty.